replacement of sand with steel slag in concrete

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What is the best replacement for cement in Concrete?

Concrete without cement is possible by the use of fly ash The Green alternative to use of cement is fly ash which has same properties as that of cement both physically and chemically Fly ash is an byproduct of thermal power plant as it's waste p....

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Slag Cement Benefits and Use in Concrete

Slag cement is commonly found in ready-mixed concrete, precast concrete, masonry, soil cement and high temperature resistant building products While there are many applications and benefits of slag cement, a few are highlighted below and detailed information sheets are located here...

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What is Concrete Proportioning?

Concrete proportioning is the selection of proportions of ingredients to make the most economical use of available materials to produce concrete of the required properti Why use Slag Cement in Concrete? In concrete, slag cement may be proportioned from 20 ,...

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Sustainable Concrete

Sustainability of Concrete Using Copper Slag as Replacement for River Sand Concrete consumption is so extensive that it stands second to water Spiraling urbanization has led to excessive consumption of concrete, which has increased the demand for sand, cement and coarse aggregat...

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Durability and Microstructure Properties of Low

Aug 08, 2019· The possibility of using FNS from SLN as fine aggregate replacement in concrete is investigated The low-carbon-concrete mix design includes 50% natural sand replacement by FNS sand and 25% ordinary portland cement substitution by fly ash...

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