iraqi oil tanker company

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Kuwait Oil Tanker KOTC Careers (2020)

About Kuwait Oil Tanker KOTC KOTC was founded in April 1957, by a group of Kuwaiti pioneer investors, who had a vision of how important sea borne transportation would be for the development of oil industry and how essential it becomes to exploit and discover oil in Kuwait...

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Iraq plans to acquire 'large fleet' of oil tankers

The nation's tanker fleet was largely destroyed during the US-led offensive to dislodge Iraq from Kuwait in 1991, according to the state-run Iraqi Oil Tankers Company's website The company owned ....

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Iraqi Oil Tanker Company

Iraqi Oil Tankers Company | Iraq Business News The Iraqi Oil Tankers Company has extended the deadline for tenders for the purchase or construction of a crude oil tanker to Monday (April 23) The vessel should have a deadweight of at least 6,000 metric tons, and, bizarrely, the tender document states that the year of build should be 2011...

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Iraq Oil Report

Regulations for oil and gas companies in Kurdistan reinforce standing WHO recommendations Interviews Q&A: Dr Adham Rashad Ismail, WHO head of mission in Iraq The World Health Organization's representative in Iraq discusses how the country got ahead of the coronavirus and what needs still remain Q&A: Jabar Yawar, Secretary General of the Peshmerga Insurgents and gangs ,...

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